Festival Tips You Need to Know

Festival Tips You Need to Know

It's no secret that the Lunautics team has been on a worldwide tour over the last 7 years, hitting as many raves and music festivals as we can! In fact we kinda felt like dj's there for a second for how often we were travelling for events. 

You name it, we've done it! From flying straight into a hurricane for a beauty bar in Orlando, to creating exclusive products for some of your favorite festival brands and artists and even camping in the wildest of environments. Just imagine in it, our glam team of salon based professionals spending their first night out in the woods. Man, do we have some survival stories!

Over the years we've developed some must have tips that every raver and musical festival fanatic should check out before they hit the road & slip on their wristbands this season. 

Here's what you need to know!

- Bring a bag. You won't regret having a place to store your stuff. Bonus points if it's theft or tamper resistant. 

- Phone on low battery mode. Period! 

- Share your location with the people you are going with, and maybe a few friends at home just in case! 

- Check the weather, and dress appropriately. We promise it's worth it to be comfortable.

- Secure your phone. We use lanyards to keep our phones attached to our belts onsite, but you could make this cute by using a chain or other device. Phone theft is on the rise, and this helps mitigate the risk. 

- Break your shoes in, wear a pair you can last in for 10+ hours. Insoles can make all the difference if you need extra support. 

- If you are camping and you can bring a cot, try it & we promise you will never go back to an air mattress ever.

- Fly Southwest if you can, that 100 lbs of free luggage matters when you are bringing 4 pairs of platform boots. 

- A set of "cooling towels" will save you from the heat of Summer events

- Ear plugs or ear protection- seriously!

- Hey remember that bag you brought? Put an extra pair of socks in it. You never know when a blister will start up and you cannot let it ruin your day. 

- Try on your rave outfits ahead of time, and when you are sure you love them pack them up by day in packing cubes or reusable bags. Storage in hotels and campsites is limited, and this will help you stay organized.

- Save up for the event and have some spending money ready. Food and drinks onsite are often charged at a premium and you don't want to be surprised by your $37 double at the register.  

- Read the festival rules and make sure you are aware of what is or is not allowed. You do not want to find out you need a clear purse at security. 

- Eat before you go to the event, and if it's an option eat there too! You can't survive off of a nugget, and we promise festivals have the best food!

- Use our galactic glue and your face jewels and glitter will stay all day. Set your makeup with whatever setting spray you got, and give it two full layers! That's the trick to 10+ hours of perfection.

- Set reminders on your phone if there are specific sets you want to see, it is so easy to get distracted and miss an artist. 

- If you can afford it and your group can all do it, go VIP! The perks are usually worth it (like for example, ahem, a complimentary beauty bar), and you won't regret having the extra room or access to premium amenities and activations. 

- Doing your braids or hair yourself? Pick up a conditioning gel for a look that will last several days. 

- Hydration packs or reusable water bottles are literally your bestie. 

- Service can be terrible at large festivals, so get on the festival wifi if you can! 

- Don't underestimate the power of deodorant. Not only will it keep you cool and comfy, you can use it on parts of your body that experience chaffing for relief.

- Someone in your group better be bringing a portable charger, you're going to need it.

- Have designated meetup spots, and set pins on your phone for important locations you may need to remember later like where you parked your car or where your campsite is.

- How are you getting to and from the event? Plan this in advance whether a friend is driving you, you're taking a shuttle or if you're balling flying in via chopper for a more relaxed experience. 

- Screenshot the map of the event and the lineup on your phone in case you don't have service.

Now you know how we roll! We're prepared for anything and you can be too! 

Have a specific question about an upcoming event experience that you want advice on? Leave a comment on this blog and we will answer you!

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