Fluttering Fashion: Butterfly Themes Take Flight at Coachella

Fluttering Fashion: Butterfly Themes Take Flight at Coachella

As the sun set over the vibrant grounds of Coachella, a reemerging trend took flight among festival-goers and performers alike: butterfly-themed accessories. This year, the trend soared to new heights with Camila Cabello donning Lunautics' "Wicked Wings Butterfly Body Jewel Mix Pack" during her memorable performance with Lana Del Rey. Meanwhile, Nelly Furtado embraced the theme in a striking pink butterfly fringe outfit during Dom Dolla's set, adding a nostalgic flair to the festival's fashion scene.

Why Butterflies? Butterflies are not just symbols of beauty and transformation; they represent the freedom and change that music festivals often inspire. This symbolism was perfectly embodied in the festival's expressive and eclectic fashion choices and is a pillar of our brand ethos.

Spotlight on Lunautics' Wicked Wings The "Wicked Wings" pack from Lunautics includes an alluring mix of black, blue, and purple iridescent crystals, capturing the light and captivation of onlookers. With six large butterfly jewels and four smaller gems, these body jewels offer a unique and customizable look that’s both practical and stunning for an all-day event. Check them out below as well as our popular and recently back in stock Blush Kisses Butterfly Mix Pack

Styling Tips For those looking to emulate the stars, pair these iridescent jewels with dark or metallic fabrics to enhance their magical glow. Ideal for adorning the arms, shoulders, or hair, they promise to add a whimsical touch to any outfit.

The Bigger Picture The resurgence of butterfly motifs at Coachella not only highlights a broader trend towards nature-inspired designs but also emphasizes a movement towards beauty intertwined with sustainability. Lunautics' commitment to reusable and skin-friendly materials is a testament to this shift, and we thrive in creating products that help you shine brighter by exploring how you express yourself inside and outside of festivals.

Discover the magic of this year's festival season kick-off and express yourself with Lunautics.

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