About Us! Who is Lunautics?

About Us! Who is Lunautics?

Lunautics is a beauty and accessories brand that was founded in 2016 by our CEO Claudia! 

Claudia is a festival fashionista, with a corporate retail girly background so when she couldn't find glitter that was "fun" enough for the looks she was planning Lunautics was born!

Our name comes from the idea that those of us who often find ourselves on the dancefloor are addicted to the moon! The night holds endless possibilities, just like our line of fun & easy to use products. 

Over the years we have become the premier beauty brand for music festival fans, and have hosted beauty bars at over 100 music festivals and events. Keep your eyes peeled, you may just see us at a party near you! 

Although we are a small, but mighty team we've grown with our customer base, and expanded in to new products built just for dreamers like you. Express yourself  and feel confident with an unmatched assortment of fantasy ready hair, jewels, glitters, lashes and more! Seriously, explore the site, we've created a wonderland for you. 

And don't forget!

We Shine Brighter Together ✨ 

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