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This is Brittni! A customer turned content creator who keeps us inspired all year long.

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How did you learn about lunautics?

I first discovered Lunautics when I was searching for better quality braiding hair.

I had heard and seen so many great things about Lunautics products that I wanted to try them for myself. And after falling in love with their hair I started to branch out to their gems and glitter.

After that it was all uphill from there and I became obsessed with going ALL OUT for my festival fits. I think adding the beauty aspect to your festival looks just gives you more room to express yourself through your outfit!

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What's in your @ bundle?

My top favorties are the Happy Hour Lashes, such a good shape for me! All of the butterfly pasties, any color and the Liberty Floral Mix Pack! The Daphne pearl gems are def going in my bundle, and my #1 must have the waterproof galactic glitter glue

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