Meet @imxmoonchild

This is Katherine Moon! A customer turned content creator who keeps us inspired all year long.

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Let's do our hair

How did you learn about lunautics?

I found Lunautics in 2019 via the iconic butterfly gem pasties!! As a baby raver who had NO IDEA how to navigate the festival fashion world, low effort, but very expressive accessories like these made it easy for me to incorporate color and textures into my outfits.

I feel so sooo lucky to have been able to learn self-love and appreciation in such a beautiful + loving environment. They may just be silly little outfits to some people, but for me, dressing myself up in extravagant looks for festivals is the way that I love myself. I so very much love being able to express myself in the rave community. SUCH A BLESSING !!🫶🏼💕

What's in your @Imxmoonchild bundle?

My bundle would definitely be ALL hair extensions and cut crease gems.

I loveee the cut crease gems cause I tend to get a little lazy with my makeup lol. The cut crease gems make it look like you spent hours on your makeup!! For these, DEFINITELY the Underground Graphic Liner Face Decals (my go to for the baddie lewks). Also the Butterfly Rhinestone one & the Jinx Cut Crease gems!

My favorite Lunautics hair colors of all time are the Dollface pink extensions and the Moonstoned rainbow extensions BUT I’ve really been digging the natural colors lately too. The mixed blonde Latte extensions are such a slay!

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