How to Apply Glitter Makeup Without the Mess

Add a little sparkle to your life

Glitter makeup has become a popular trend for adding a touch of sparkle to your look. It comes in various forms like loose glitter, pressed glitter, or glitter gels. Applying glitter makeup can create a dazzling effect that catches the light and enhances your features. Glitter makeup can be used for special occasions or to add some glamour to your everyday makeup routine. However, it can be a bit tricky to work with due to its tendency to spread.

At Lunautics, we offer three different types of glitter to suit your needs: fine holographic glitter that is safe for eyelids, chunky festival glitter for the face, and larger eco glitter for the hair and body.

You deserve to shine

Glitter makeup effortlessly adds a touch of sparkle to your look for special occasions. It can elevate your makeup look, making it stand out and adding a glamorous touch. Glitter makeup can help you achieve a bold and eye-catching appearance, perfect for events like parties, festivals, or even a fun night out. Additionally, it can boost your confidence and make you feel more radiant and festive. A little sparkle goes a long way!

Preparing your canvas for glitter application

Before applying glitter makeup, it's essential to properly prepare your skin to ensure a smooth and long-lasting application. Make sure to cleanse your face using a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or oil. If you are planning on wearing a makeup base, keep in mind where you want to apply your glitter and steer away from using oily products on those areas

Tips for applying glitter makeup smoothly

Lunautics has two glitter adhesives to help you sparkle with ease:

When applying glitter makeup:

  1. Finish the rest of your eye and face makeup before applying glitter to prevent fallout.
  2. Apply the adhesive to your desired areas using the wand attached to the lid. Let the glue or gel slightly dry by fanning your face. The glue will apply white but dry clear.
  3. Use a flat brush, cosmetic sponge, or your fingertips to pat the glitter gently onto your face or body.
  4. Cleanup any excess glitter with a piece of sticky tape or cotton tip.
  5. For a more intense look, wet the brush before applying the glitter and continue to pat the desired area with more layers of glitter until you get the perfect build.
  6. Tap off any excess glitter or gently remove with a dry brush.

Removing glitter makeup effectively

To remove glitter makeup effectively, use a gentle makeup remover and apply a warm compress to your glitter. You can also try using micellar water or an oil-based cleanser to break down the glitter particles. Be sure to remove as much glitter as you can from your face before washing to avoid any possible irritation. Another trick is to use sticky tape or a gentle adhesive to lift off stubborn glitter before washing your face. Remember to be gentle to avoid irritating your skin.

Shine on

Ready to snag the perfect glitter look? Check out our array of hand-mixed glitters here!

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