Applications Open Now

Applications Open Now

Hey! I'm Claudia, the founder and designer here at Lunautics.

The Lunautics story began on social media, because that is where I found new communities I could relate to and happily express myself within. 

I was curating content for several social media pages in the EDM community, like one for festival production photos, one for fashion and one for silly memes. I loved the rave community I had found and I wanted to share it with the world.

Worlds collided when my corporate fashion job allowed me to explore my content creating passions as part of test programs for running localized social media for a luxury department store. My genuine interest for connecting with people as a fashion creator really developed at that time, and continues to evolve even today. 

Over the years I worked with event & brands in the festival space as a creator, before being an "influencer" even had a definition. 

Flash forward a couple of years and my love for festival fashion continued to grow as I collaborated on designs and campaigns with some of my favorite brands.

However, my creativity was stifled! Because more often than not I could not find any products in the beauty space that matched the energy of my fabulous, and often sparkly outfits.

It was my dream to start a brand and storefront that supported the community, and other small creators like myself. In the Summer of 2016 my need for chunky, fun shaped glitter led to the creation of our first festival beauty bar, and Lunautics has continued to evolve ever since. 

For years our creator program has been small, and invitation only. Why? Well frankly our ability to expand was limited by the bandwidth of our small team, and the time we spent on the road at festivals. 

We are ready to expand our creator programs, and are excited to share info with you on how you can partner with us! Our creator program comes with lots of support because my team & I have literally been in your shoes!

If you're looking to grow, try out free samples, learn more about social media marketing and make some money along the way we encourage you to apply. 

Shopify Collabs- Click here to apply!

This program is perfect for creators who are active on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogs, and Tiktok who would like to receive gifted products in exchange for commission. We are looking for micro influencers and creators with an active audience who are interested in earning a commission, using a code or affiliate links. 

Tiktok Shop- Click here to apply!

The Tiktok Shop Affiliate program is easy to use, and is managed entirely through the platform. Create your own store front with a showcase featuring products from your favorite brands, including us. Tiktok Shop creators simply request their products through the affiliate center, link products in their videos and showcase and receive a minimum of 20% commission on their Lunautics sales on Tiktok. Learn more about the program and sign up at the Tiktok Academy

Ready to embark on a creative content journey together? Apply to either program and show us your stuff! 

We are currently looking for creators with a following minimum of 5k on any of the above platforms.

Need help with getting set up or have a question or concern? Send us an email at and our team will get back to you soon!

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