POV: It’s the year 2020 and you own a company that orbits around music festivals and events. Cue pandemic — and the world shifts.

To say it’s been traumatic would be an understatement. As the year progressed, so did the trauma. Each month seemed to bring a new cataclysmic event. The atmosphere has been hostile and the shift has a permanence that I can only hope will retrograde.  

I was separated from the world I love and the busy schedule that came along with traveling from one magical festival to another.  Everything slowed to an unearthly pace. My mind began to race with existential thoughts.   

The Lunautics VIP team at EDC Las Vegas 2019
The Lunautics VIP Team at EDC Las Vegas 2019

The stress of the year was almost too much for me, so I decided to seek out therapy after some encouragement from friends and family. The weeks since have been calmer & have given me some insight on how to proceed in a world with no clarity.

Facing my inability to control the situation is the reason I have a new vision & I hope you can share it with me! On those days that felt like everything was over it was YOU, our customer and our community that kept me going. 

The support we have felt at Lunautics was truly unexpected. Every like, comment, tag, and purchase literally kept the fire burning! And do you know why? Because: 


One of the key principles of the festival community is UNITY and we have felt the support all year long! We are excited to announce some new changes that allow us to give back together. 2020 has been challenging on us all, whether you lost a job, a loved one, got sick yourself or like me, almost lost sight of your dreams. 

Going forward, you will be given the option to round up your Lunautics purchase at checkout to help us raise donations. Right now contributions can be made to either NAMI or BEAM, and when you donate, we match your contributions! Help us promote mental health wellness in our community and beyond by supporting these organizations that focus on education, advocacy, empowerment and accessibility.  

Additionally, we’ve added an option to upgrade your purchase at checkout to help neutralize the carbon emissions from your purchase. This $2.00 upgrade & single click opt-in at checkout helps fund forest restoration, tree planting and renewable energy projects that fight environmental stress and climate change.  

We can all work together to make the world brighter & help each other through the process of healing as we head into the next chapter. Thank you so much to all of you, I am so grateful and can’t wait to see you back on the dance floor someday soon.

Claudia Peña,

Founder & Designer


October 02, 2020 — Tavish Ryan


Cyn Quin Beauty said:

Wow! I am blown away by the openness and ability to show vulnerability to us to demonstrate how 2020 events has affected you and your team/brand and how Lunautics is choosing to rise up and prevail during these difficult times.
I am especially moved by how Lunautics has always been inclusive and how especially now have dialed into what the community needs and is providing information on how to help, but also how Lunautics plans to help as well. I admire the transparency and vision Lunautics has displayed and will continue to be a huge supporter of your brand 💖
Thank you for making the community not only loon beautiful but feel better mentally as well.
Love always,
Cyn Quin Beauty

cookievalentine said:

We love you girl
It’s hard right now
Thanks for helping us stay shiny during these dim times.

Missael said:

I’m so happy for this, for the company and you. It’s true, we shine brighter together ⚡️💕

Lola said:

Absolutely incredible and powerful message, thank you so much for sharing a part of your story. Such an amazing brand owner to be so open and honest, especially with everything going on. Wishing nothing but the best from everyone who’s a part of Lunautics, all of you are amazing!!

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