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Zodiac Bundle

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Dive into the enchanting depths of the Pisces-themed bundle! Explore a celestial collection designed to unleash the ethereal beauty within you! Immerse yourself with our carefully curated selection, featuring face jewels, body jewels, holographic temporary tattoos, chunky glitter, and braid-in hair!

What's Included:

Siren song Face and Body Jewels
Elevate your look with our exquisite face jewels and body jewels, intricately designed to embody the essence of Pisces. Transform into a cosmic mermaid with enchanting symbols and aquatic-inspired patterns that enhance your features and capture the elusive charm of the water sign.

Siren Song Holographic Mermaid Temporary Tattoos
Make a splash with our holographic temporary tattoos, featuring mesmerizing designs that echo the fluidity and grace of Pisces. 

Tea Party Chunky Glitter
Enhance your mystical allure with our premium chunky glitter – the perfect touch for any Pisces-inspired look! Whether you're creating a dreamy festival ensemble or adding a touch of magic to your everyday style, our Tea Party glitter has got your covered.

Lunita Braid-In Hair with Tinsel
Take your Piscean beauty to new depths with our braid-in hair extensions. Effortlessly weave the essence of the ocean into your locks, creating a whimsical and captivating hairstyle that mirrors the fluidity of water. 

Unleash your inner sea siren and let the Pisces-themed bundle be your guide to cosmic beauty. Whether you're a water sign enthusiast or simply seeking a touch of celestial magic, this bundle is your passport to a world where imagination meets reality. Dive in, sparkle, and let the currents of creativity flow with this captivating Pisces bundle.

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Pisces Zodiac Bundle
Zodiac Bundle: Pisces - Lunautics
Zodiac Bundle: Pisces - Lunautics
Zodiac Bundle: Pisces - Lunautics
Zodiac Bundle: Pisces - Lunautics