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Hi! We're Lunautics

The brand for ravers, fantasy lovers and
anyone ready to unlock their magic.

The face of festival beauty was forever changed in 2016 when our founder hosted her first beauty bar at a music festival, and Lunautics was born.

Known for leading festival beauty trends, our always expanding collection now includes a rainbow of sparkly hair extensions, face & body jewels, glitter, and accessories.

Wicked Wings Butterfly Body Jewel Mix Pack

Our most viral product takes flight!

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As a brand founded on the dance floor, Lunautics is inspired by the idea of being addicted to the moon, and navigating your way through the night.

We make products that help you confidently transform with ease, feel hot and last until you say the night is over.

Our tags and mentions on social media are a testament to the community of creatives we've built.

Pastel Dreams

Make makeup approachable with our easy-to use pastel cut-crease jewels

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